Comic Strips

Rob has produced a number of comic strips through the years. The longest running among them include:

Under Foot Under Foot
Since 2003, Rob has produced an ongoing single-panel cartoon of hiker humor for the Florida Trail Association's magazine, the Florida Trail Footprint.
It Takes a VillageIt Takes a Village
For the Glenn Beck Program. It ended in 2008 when Rob switched to a more standard editorial cartoon format to fit the new format of the Glenn Beck website.
For the Orlando Sentinel's Downtown Orlando Monthly. It ran for four years and was cutting edge for its time in its use of real location photographic backgrounds (prior to digital cameras) populated by cartoon characters.
RomerRomer the Recycling Squirrel
For the City of Orlando's "City Hallways" newsletter. It started in the 1980s and ran until 2003 when the budget was cut for the newsletter.