Rob has most recently produced maps and spot art for VISIT FLORIDA

Map & Guide to Florida Movies
Been There Haven't Done That

Interval World magazine

Interval World article



The Amazing Dad 
Facial Expressions Look for Rob's illustrations in a bookstore near you!

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Rob illustrates for a wide variety of clients, from folks looking for spot art for their website to print shops, Realtors and others, spot art to place on maps, full color maps, and more! Some of Rob's largest projects to date have been illustrating maps now available at Florida Welcome Centers: Film in Florida and Been There Haven't Done That.

Rob draws from life on a regular basis, posting illustrations all the time on his blog.

Rob's illustrations range from fine art to cartoon character design; he does cartooning for advertising as well as richly detailed black & white illustrations, such as those for coloring books and the annual Christmas card he sends to customers and friends.